DUO Realis Shinmushi (Cicada)


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COLOUR: ACC3204 (Aburazemi)


The ultimate cicada lure. This lure will induce strikes with it's silhouette and pulsating effect. The Realis Shinmushi has both a hard body and soft rubber legs, creating a 3D pulsation that tantalises predatory fish. The most important factor for the cicada lure is the sound it makes when it hits the surface of the water. The Shinmushi re-creates the effect a real cicada splashing down every time. 
Apart from the rubber legs and feather on the tail hook it features transparent wings which work to limit the lure from traveling too far when paused, but also to make a splash and disturbance in the water with a swimming action when retrieving. It gives the angler many more tricks up their sleeve when chasing illusive fish like bass. This lure will automatically create interest from fish when still or on the move.

Separate body structure:
The body of the Shinmushi is a two piece structure separating from the belly and the back section. By removing the belly hook eye, anglers will be able to separate the body to customise the lure depending on the situation.


DUO have designed the wings as a fixed feature instead of a free moving wing, for its function as a stopper. It was also carefully designed to enable the lure a freestyle swimming action while retrieving. DUO also employed elastomer as its material minimising any drag while casting.

Rubber Legs:

The length of the legs are 50mm and are so soft that they will continue trembling when holding it still in your hand. The rubber legs colour combinations have been chosen by the lure designer depending on the body colour.

Colour:  ACC3204 (Aburazemi)
Body Length:
40mm 1.6 inches
Weight: 5.7 grams 1/5oz
Hook Size: #10
Class: Surface Lure
Type: Floating


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