• Who are we?

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    Some people may ask the question, who are Fishing Tackle Traders!?... The business is owned and operated by two people living in country NSW, Australia. However FTT has numerous people, mostly friends and family, who contribute to making this business and it's website possible. Some of those people live in the ACT, NT, QLD and Victoria as well as FTTs home base in NSW.
    Fishing Tackle Traders was started by the daughter of the people who founded Fishing Tackle Australia a.k.a. MO Tackle.
    While training to become the business manager for Fishing Tackle Australia in 2010, she became pregnant with her first child and left the business started by her parents and focused on motherhood. When she was ready to return to work after her second child, her father couldn't find a job for her back at Fishing Tackle Australia; so due to financial needs and the freedom of fitting work around family life, she, along with her business partner, founded Fishing Tackle Traders in December 2014.
    FTT is entirely independent of her parents business in every way and has a completely different focus.
    Her business partner, with over 30 years practical fishing experience in both inland and coastal waters, is an ex-employee of BCF and Fishing Tackle Australia. And together they form the engine room for FTT.
    Fishing Tackle Traders number one commitment is to customer service. With the promotion of sustainable fishing practices and the sharing of knowledge for recreational fishermen following a close second. FTT sell new and used (previously loved) fishing tackle. Most of which has been traded in and hardly seen water, or has damaged packaging but is in completely A1 un-used condition.
    Fishing Tackle Traders may not be Australia's biggest tackle shop but we certainly will be doing our best to be Australia's favourite tackle shop.

  • Mimix

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    Mimix is a relatively new company that was founded by a passionate angler from Singapore.

    Since 2013 they have been steadily growing focusing on designing and creating life like handmade lures.

    Mimix deliver innovative products both in appearance & action that are high quality and affordable.

    Our Favourites are the 'Ultra Frox’ and the 'Sonic Popper”.

    Sonic popper comes in that perfect size that can be used for all fish species. Well balanced and aero-dynamic it has excellent casting ability. Sonic popper has a unique cup and shape design that makes an outstanding splash and popping sound. With life-like detail that Mimix is famous for this popper is sure to get their attention.

    Ultra Frox is ultra realistic and ultra action! The lure has been designed to be just like a real frog. Not only in looks but also in action. This lure brings a whole new approach to using surface frog-like lures. It features a “Head-Knocking” and surface cruise action in the form of a frog. Drag it over vegetation without hooking up. And "hop" it like a real frog with a twitch and pause motion to drive fish into a frenzy.
    It is built with strong double hooks, internal rattle and long tail skirt. This lure can fool the most cautious fish into thinking it's frog for dinner.

    Get both of these lures in our ‘shop now’.

  • Australian Salmon Championship starts today !

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    The Australian Salmon Championship has officially begun today!

    Starts 1st of june ends 31st of August 2015.

    Monthly prizes for heaviest Salmon 1st prize $1000, 2nd - $300
    They also have a fortnightly Mystery weight valued at $200.

    First time fishing for Salmon

    Although they are not considered to be the most delicious fish to eat by the majority they are however great sport fish and will put you through your paces not giving up fight till the last moment. The Australian coastline is one of the most enjoyable places to target this prolific species.

    When Salmon are migrating they will travel up and down the surf beaches in large schools. Looking for silver flashes in the waves can help target the right location however Salmon tend to sit in deeper gutters on the shoreline awaiting smaller prey.

    Hot tips for fishing for Salmon

    * When Salmon are in view give lures a go.

    * When they are unseen sometimes bait may be worth a try first.

    * Look for fish in gutters and for silver flashes in the waves.

    * No waves areas or darker blue surf can indicate a gutter.

    * One of the biggest mistakes fishermen make is not realizing Gutters can be close.

    * Poppers, stick baits and plugs all work well on big salmon.

    * The hook size should vary due to the size of the fish your targeting but a size 6 is a good all round size.

    Thinking of giving Salmon fishing a try? Check out:

    www.elliston.com.au/salmon or phone: 08 8687 9200.

    Or check them out on facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Australian-Salmon-Fishing-Championship-Elliston/1584937941745627?fref=ts
  • Get the Unfair Advantage

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    When shopping for fishing tackle get the unfair advantage with Balista’s LED lure range. Why Balista Lures? Balista uses a powerful combination of flashing frequency and colour vibrancy to increase strike rates in all species of sports fish.

    Balista have conducted numerous studies on how fish view and respond to the LED lighting in the powerhouse of the lure. They have Succeded in designing fantastic lures with proven success in increasing fish strike rates. The conditions that promote higher visibility thus higher effectiveness of the LED Technology include - overcast conditions, dawn & dusk, murky water, after dark and when the lure is fished at depths greater than 2 metres. However even on bright sunny days Balista claim you will still get at least a 10% advantage.

    They have various lures for landing different fish species. Ranging from the “Dyno 90” a deep diving lure for targeting the largest murray cod, to the “S-POP” which pops and fizzes along the waters surface with a noticeable trail of bubbles behind it.

    Others in the Balista range include; Juggernaut Series, Trigger, Firestorm series, Hunchback and the Cyclone. You can target various species with different lure models, here's a quick overview:

    'Dyno 60' Ideal for a variety of species including Golden Perch, Murray Cod, Bass, Redfin and many more.

    'Dyno 75'  Ideal for catching Murray Cod and Golden Perch.

    'Dyno 90' If you're serious about landing large Murray Cod look no further than the Dyno 90.

    'Juggernaut 65' You can catch just about anything with the Juggernaut 65 from Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Redfin, Bass, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Sooty Grunter, Flathead and more.

    'Juggernaut 90' Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Barramundi, Threadfin, Flathead and many more.

    'Trigger' Trout, Bass, Golden Perch, Redfin, Barramundi, Jack's, Sooty's, Flathead and many more.

    'Firestorm 120 deep' species including Barramundi, Mackerel, GT's, Kingfish, Albacore and many more.

    'Firestorm 120 shallow' great for Barramundi, Mulloway, Kingfish, Black Jewfish, Threadfin and more. 

    'Hunchback crawler' The 90mm Hunchback is a all-rounder, big enough and more than tough enough to handle our toughest surface feeding species in Murray Cod and Barramundi.

    'Cyclone' If you’re serious about your Barramundi, Mulloway or Murray Cod fishing make sure you’ve got at least a couple of Cyclones in your tackle box.

    'S-POP' The secret surface weapon for tournament Bass anglers, with the addition of ultrapoint Mustad #4 trebles for superb hook up rates. Also dynamite on Barramundi, Murray Cod, Mangrove Jack and many other surface feeding species.

    Balista know fishing tackle and with products in a variety of shapes, sizes and features they have a lure for every fishing tackle box and fishing trip. If your Struggling to hook that dream catch, then Balista LED lures could be your ticket. If you could get an advantage every time you fish, why wouldn’t you?


  • Biodegradable Fishing line

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    Biodgradable Fishing Line like Toray Field Mate and Bioline are not new to the global fishing community but certainly has not captured the market yet here in Australia. Perhaps the reason for this is a perception of lack of strength in the line causing the angler to worry about losing that catch of a lifetime.

    However the line is made so its performance does not deteriorate when kept clean and dry, but it breaks down over an approximate 12 month period when exposed to the biological activity of micro-organisms underwater or underground. With some anglers i know changing their fishing line more than they change their underwear, I don't see the problem. And with the well documented perils of discarded fishing line for birds and aquatic life, i believe this product is definitely worth using in the right applications. Unfortunately Field Mate is hard to get outside of Japan and Bioline doesn't seem to have a distributor here in Australia.

    With the Great Pacific Garbage Patch fueled by an estimated 10 million tonnes of rubbish dumped into the oceans each year and 100,000 tonnes of that comes from fishing gear like line and sinkers, its important to look at ways we can reduce our foot print on the environment we are blessed with so future generations can enjoy recreational fishing for many years to come.