• Who are we?

    Posted by FTT Admin

    Some people may ask the question, who are Fishing Tackle Traders!?... The business is owned and operated by two people living in country NSW, Australia. However FTT has numerous people, mostly friends and family, who contribute to making this business and it's website possible. Some of those people live in the ACT, NT, QLD and Victoria as well as FTTs home base in NSW.
    Fishing Tackle Traders was started by the daughter of the people who founded Fishing Tackle Australia a.k.a. MO Tackle.
    While training to become the business manager for Fishing Tackle Australia in 2010, she became pregnant with her first child and left the business started by her parents and focused on motherhood. When she was ready to return to work after her second child, her father couldn't find a job for her back at Fishing Tackle Australia; so due to financial needs and the freedom of fitting work around family life, she, along with her business partner, founded Fishing Tackle Traders in December 2014.
    FTT is entirely independent of her parents business in every way and has a completely different focus.
    Her business partner, with over 30 years practical fishing experience in both inland and coastal waters, is an ex-employee of BCF and Fishing Tackle Australia. And together they form the engine room for FTT.
    Fishing Tackle Traders number one commitment is to customer service. With the promotion of sustainable fishing practices and the sharing of knowledge for recreational fishermen following a close second. FTT sell new and used (previously loved) fishing tackle. Most of which has been traded in and hardly seen water, or has damaged packaging but is in completely A1 un-used condition.
    Fishing Tackle Traders may not be Australia's biggest tackle shop but we certainly will be doing our best to be Australia's favourite tackle shop.