• Australian Salmon Championship starts today !

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    The Australian Salmon Championship has officially begun today!

    Starts 1st of june ends 31st of August 2015.

    Monthly prizes for heaviest Salmon 1st prize $1000, 2nd - $300
    They also have a fortnightly Mystery weight valued at $200.

    First time fishing for Salmon

    Although they are not considered to be the most delicious fish to eat by the majority they are however great sport fish and will put you through your paces not giving up fight till the last moment. The Australian coastline is one of the most enjoyable places to target this prolific species.

    When Salmon are migrating they will travel up and down the surf beaches in large schools. Looking for silver flashes in the waves can help target the right location however Salmon tend to sit in deeper gutters on the shoreline awaiting smaller prey.

    Hot tips for fishing for Salmon

    * When Salmon are in view give lures a go.

    * When they are unseen sometimes bait may be worth a try first.

    * Look for fish in gutters and for silver flashes in the waves.

    * No waves areas or darker blue surf can indicate a gutter.

    * One of the biggest mistakes fishermen make is not realizing Gutters can be close.

    * Poppers, stick baits and plugs all work well on big salmon.

    * The hook size should vary due to the size of the fish your targeting but a size 6 is a good all round size.

    Thinking of giving Salmon fishing a try? Check out:

    www.elliston.com.au/salmon or phone: 08 8687 9200.

    Or check them out on facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Australian-Salmon-Fishing-Championship-Elliston/1584937941745627?fref=ts