• Livingston Lures

    Posted by FTT Admin

    Livingston Lures bring forth a whole new generation of ‘technology fishing’.
    With an incredible amount of research and proven effectiveness these lures are well worth a go and Australian anglers can't go past the Dive Master 20 and Pro Ripper.

    Livingston lures are a combination of the look, action and sound of a real bait fish. These lures act as prey with incredible sound technology emitting noises of a struggling fish in distress to attract predators to strike for an easy kill. They also feature ‘advanced rattles’ and Mustad Hooks.

    Dive Master 20
    - At 3 inches in length this floating crankbait can get down in deep water to about 6.1 metres. It features electronic sounds that mimic a natural bait fish and this generates higher fish strike rates even when the lure is paused; it also has flashing LED lights in the lures eyes that fade in and out. The Dive Master 20 has a wide wobble and is designed to come through cover without hanging up. Ideal for targeting Australian native species like Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Barramundi and many more.

    Pro Ripper - is a sinking vibration lure, a.k.a. lipless crankbait, but it has a very special feature. Enhanced with what they call "Electronic Baitfish Sound" (EBS) it has a fantastic ability to call and attract fish to it. The best way to use this little beauty is to cast it out, let it sink to your desired depth, then slowly retrieve it using your preferred method. But make sure to add at least one pause in so fish really believe it's injured prey. Great for many Australian species like Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Bass, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Flathead and more.

    Livingston lures come in a range of attractive, vibrant, as well as life like colours. If you’re considering giving them a try, don't wait, get them now! And see for yourself why they say "the difference is clear"!