• Family Fishing

    Posted by FTT Admin

    As a father of young children it is sometimes difficult to go fishing. And even when I do, there is sometimes the guilt factor that I'm out enjoying myself and leaving the family at home.

    Thankfully my daughters are still young enough to want to hang out with dad and they seem to like adventure, so when possible and appropriate, I try to bring them along on expeditions.

    However doing so isn't as simple as grab the rod and go. When going with kids there are lot's of things that need to be considered and prepared.
    Making sure the kids are safe and happy has to be the priority but trying to involve them, if possible, is also important. It could be as simple as winding the handle on the reel during a retrieve, or carefully touching a fish.

    If they want to be involved it's important to try and include them so they are enjoying the experience and don't just feel like they are being dragged around by dad.

    However you can never be sure that things are going to go smoothly, no matter how well you plan. For example on a recent trip I ended up with a treble hook in my thigh (ouch!) and my youngest daughter threw my phone in the river (I still have no idea why) after taking a happy snap of me with a fish. This ended up with me getting soaked with shoes, wallet, keys and all as I raced in to retrieve it.

    So when I take the children I leave expectations at home. I have learned to put the kids experience first and expecting to do some serious fishing last. This way everyone has a good time. And if we catch a fish it's a bonus.