• Biodegradable Fishing line

    Posted by FTT Admin

    Biodgradable Fishing Line like Toray Field Mate and Bioline are not new to the global fishing community but certainly has not captured the market yet here in Australia. Perhaps the reason for this is a perception of lack of strength in the line causing the angler to worry about losing that catch of a lifetime.

    However the line is made so its performance does not deteriorate when kept clean and dry, but it breaks down over an approximate 12 month period when exposed to the biological activity of micro-organisms underwater or underground. With some anglers i know changing their fishing line more than they change their underwear, I don't see the problem. And with the well documented perils of discarded fishing line for birds and aquatic life, i believe this product is definitely worth using in the right applications. Unfortunately Field Mate is hard to get outside of Japan and Bioline doesn't seem to have a distributor here in Australia.

    With the Great Pacific Garbage Patch fueled by an estimated 10 million tonnes of rubbish dumped into the oceans each year and 100,000 tonnes of that comes from fishing gear like line and sinkers, its important to look at ways we can reduce our foot print on the environment we are blessed with so future generations can enjoy recreational fishing for many years to come.