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Mimix is a relatively new company that was founded by a passionate angler from Singapore.

Since 2013 they have been steadily growing focusing on designing and creating life like handmade lures.

Mimix deliver innovative products both in appearance & action that are high quality and affordable.

Our Favourites are the 'Ultra Frox’ and the 'Sonic Popper”.

Sonic popper comes in that perfect size that can be used for all fish species. Well balanced and aero-dynamic it has excellent casting ability. Sonic popper has a unique cup and shape design that makes an outstanding splash and popping sound. With life-like detail that Mimix is famous for this popper is sure to get their attention.

Ultra Frox is ultra realistic and ultra action! The lure has been designed to be just like a real frog. Not only in looks but also in action. This lure brings a whole new approach to using surface frog-like lures. It features a “Head-Knocking” and surface cruise action in the form of a frog. Drag it over vegetation without hooking up. And "hop" it like a real frog with a twitch and pause motion to drive fish into a frenzy.
It is built with strong double hooks, internal rattle and long tail skirt. This lure can fool the most cautious fish into thinking it's frog for dinner.

Get both of these lures in our ‘shop now’.